about the blog

This is an absolutely random blog authored by a very random woman. Don’t expect to find one specific theme although race might come up in more posts than most. All are welcome. Even the haters, the crazies and the naysayers will not be blocked or censored, so feel free to disagree. If you think my topics are lame, put your ideas where your mouth is and suggest what you think I should write about. I will most likely take you up on it and humor you.

This is my little slice of heaven where I write what I want and do not worry about people I know judging me. So if I don’t put up a picture it’s not because I am ugly. I just want to be honest about what I think and not worry if my employer or anyone else would see it. So when I say I am hot, just take my word for it.

5 Responses to “about the blog”
  1. Bellydancer says:

    Hey Lady where have you been? You still blogging ? Facebook? what’s up girl holla back!!!
    Email me back if you get a minute.

  2. black princess says:

    where are you?

    • where do i live or where have i been?
      east coast, super busy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi BIB, How can I contact you via email. I wanted to ask you a quick favor. Thank you.

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